Carol Dean Therapeutic & Oncology Massage/Lymphatic Drainage

Therapeutic Massage Studio offering Advanced Bodywork Techniques


lic # MSG000027

Carol graduated in 2003 from the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy, one of the premier Massage Therapy Schools on the East Coast.

She continued her studies and became certified in Corrective Medical Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Massage for the Cancer Client/ Oncology Massage along with other modalities to help ensure that her clients receive a caring, well thought out massage treatment plan. She completed Lymphatic Drainage 1 and 2 with The Chikly Institute and also holds the complete Vodder certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

As someone who has had her share of painful injuries, she knows first hand about the healing power of a good massage session, and most importantly the cumulative benefits of regular massage sessions for maintaining homeostasis in our bodies.

Carol has a long list of clients who come to her to help them cope with chronic issues, such as (but not limited to) tendonitis, rotator cuff issues, piriformis syndrome, chronic low back pain, scoliosis, migraine headaches, traumatic brain injury, cancer, parkinson's disease and MS.

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